Monday, February 06, 2006

UFR later today

Sorry Upon Further Review didn't get out on Friday - killer headache ended the day very early for me. It'll be up later today.

Tidbit: Although lots of people will talk about how Penn State only has one offensive lineman coming back, that's a little silly. They keep their fullback, who's very good at blitz pickup, and blocking tight end (Patrick Hall) who's a very good blocker. Austin Scott also looked very good at pass protection as well. Tony Hunt less so in the Orange Bowl, but Hunt went out early - injured on an awful downfield block, mind you - so I give him a bit of a free pass. Which means Penn State's got at least 4 pass protection blockers returning.

Nittany Blog has Jordan Lyons as the starting TE next year, but unless I missed something about Hall (he does have one more year of eligibility), he absolutely should be the starting TE next year.


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