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Orange Bowl observations

So I've just finished breaking down every play in the Orange Bowl. In the next few days I'm should be posting the first "Not Completely Unlike Upon Further Review" (shamelessly taken from mgoblog). Mine's better than his, however - it'll have special teams as well. Ha, Brian! Note that this is mainly because Penn State's special teams were beyond awful, but hey.

Bit of a glossary beforehand: I grade blocks, running, and route receiving on a scale similar to mgoblog's, but probably a little stretched.

  • no mark: did job, or had no observable outcome on the play. Examples: holding place in a block.
  • + : did job well. Examples: blocking a defender back to open a lane. Making a difficult tackle.
  • ++ : did job very well. Usually means reacted very quickly to the play and shut it down for less than it should've gotten, or went beyond the initial block, etc.
  • +++ : did job inhumanly well. Knew the play, read the play, and probably singlehandedly caused a turnover or put points up.
  • - : Did job poorly. Examples: being blocked backwards/beaten. Missing a tackle.
  • -- : Did job very poorly. Examples: Completely missing a block (usually not even trying).
  • --- : Did job inhumanly poorly. Like, oh, say, E.Z. Smith fumbling the snap.
  • ?! : means "I have no idea why this person did this. It looks intensely dumb." Examples are Lowry lining up at the 10 yard line when the punter is punting from the 40, or Scott stretching the ball out on the goal line stand in 2nd OT.

So two tidbits to whet your appetite: two of my favorite plays from the latter half.

FSU, PSU38, 6:38, 1st and 10, pass, interception: (Poor) fake handoff, throw deep right to PSU15. Zemaitis (+++) jumps the receiver's cut, intercepts. Lowry, Phillips, Harrell with good blocks on the return to FSU33. Vintage Zemaitis - running at less than full speed, giving the receiver a bit of a cushion, then going full-out to the throwing point.


FSU, FSU8, 13:42, 3rd and 9, pass, safety: Shotgun. J. Shaw (+++) shoves his blocker to the ground. Alford (+) also shoves by his blocker, and Hali would've as well barring a hold. Paxson (++) follows the RB on the screen pattern. QB pointlessly throws the ball away while in the end zone. Unsportsmanlike conduct on FSU.

And also, some observations:

  • I missed this. Paul Cronin played in the Orange Bowl. Cronin was ejected from the team in October. Did he play before this game? Why was there no media coverage about this? I'm surprised.
  • I feel sorry for Brian from mgoblog, who's trying to import gamebook data into a database for college football. Brian, just so you know - Robinson did not attempt to complete a pass to J.R. Zwierzynski, a linebacker - this is what the official gamebook lists: P 3-7 P44 Robinson, M. pass incomplete to Zwierzynski, JR. The stadium official misread #25 as #35.
  • Also, I don't have any clue who #88 is. gopsusports lists it as either Kevin Darling or Brennen Coakley, but Darling is listed in the gamebook as #39. Coakley isn't listed, so I'm going to go with Darling right now.
  • Check out the participation report. What's with the creative position naming? Lowry's listed as HERO (SS? maybe?), for other teams elsewhere I've seen Mike/Will/Buck for the linebackers - okay, that's not so uncommon, though I'm used to Mike/Will/Sam. I've also seen Mike/Will/Nik. Anyone know of a list of all the position nicknames? Or 'weirdo position name to traditional position name' conversions?

That's all for now: more in the next few days - what to look for from Jay Alford, Levi Brown. Also, why to be very, very glad that BranDon Snow is a junior.


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Well, apparently "Hero" is a standard named position, though hell if I can find any place other than Penn State who uses it. My guess is that it's similar to Mike/Will/Sam as shorthand for the linebackers, but using that on a roster seems a little weird.

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