Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In lieu of UFR...

You may have noticed UFR's Orange Bowl defense is late (as were the others...). Yah, so sue me. I'm still trying to figure out easy ways to do this in spare time, and right now it's a lot of work.

So, to make myself feel better, I've decided to use my patented BBNW mind-reading powers to discern what's really going on behind the Vidal Hazelton saga. BWI posted some comments from Dexter Hazelton, his father, and I've realized there's clearly more going on behind the scenes. So I'll fill in what Dexter can't say, okay?

Little did you know, BBNW has ultimate mind reading powers

BBNW mind-reading powers insights are in bold.

"The whole family went to Penn State," said Vidal's father, Dexter Hazelton. "Vidal was very quiet and didn't ask many questions. as the voice of Pete Carroll was clearly filling his mind. He went out with some players later that night (Saturday) so I don't know if he was more of himself then, but he wasn't acting like himself during the visit. "Vidal is a talker and always having fun and upbeat, but I was watching him on the visit and he wasn't himself."

What does this mean?

That clearly our attempt to expunge the stain of USC's recruiting from him has failed. We must try harder!"I'm not sure," said Dexter. "I know he knows the whole family wants him to go to Penn State because they're A: close, B: not only interested in him for his recruiting ranking and C: not evil. But he's a smart kid and he might have just been taking it all in. We were all talking and joking around on the drive home and we didn't really talk about his choice. I told him to take a few days or the whole week and let it soak in, let the decision come to him." which would be Penn State, of course. We were joking around, all right. To save his eternal soul.

Would Dexter still sign a letter to Southern Cal, the team Vidal committed to in late December, if that's where he wants to go?

"Absolutely," he said. "I want Vidal to make an educated decision but I don't want him to go someplace if he's not happy, then he might rebel. The most important thing to his family is that he's happy with his choice. If it's Southern Cal, we'll support him fully." and pray for his survival constantly, and try to get him transferred.


"I've talked with coach (Pete) Carroll a few times and it was good since I made sure I had holy symbols within arms reach at all times. Vidal told me he worried about how coach Carroll and I would get along if he chose USC given that he's evil, but I told him that it wouldn't be an issue. If Vidal chooses USC, then they're family. All families have disagreements and divorces, but coach Carroll and I are fine. I'd have no problem."

Pete Carroll: evil

Note - the above was stolen blatantly from this guy, who clearly has more free time than I do.

I have to say, I'm a little disturbed by this whole thing. I can't tell if Hazelton's father is just really pushing for Penn State because it's closer, but he really hates Pete Carroll, USC and the way that USC recruited Hazelton. At one point, there was a Rivals.com article which said that Dexter was upset because Pete Carroll called him and said "you're messing up my rankings" by keeping Hazelton as a question mark, at which point Dexter told Carroll to stop calling. I can't find that article anymore. He's also called Carroll a "shark". EDIT: here's that article, in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

However, I've been loathe to put anything up here about it, because fundamentally, we are talking about a kid's future, and I don't want to get all 'preachy mindless fanboy'. I'm not going to decry him as falling to the devil if he goes to USC. I will, however, point out again that it does make me feel proud that Hazelton's dad prefers Penn State at least somewhat because of their push for academics. 84 percent graduation, folks, when the national average is 65 percent. Of the 8 BCS teams, only Notre Dame and Penn State were above the national average.

But I'm also a little creeped out by the fact that I'm not sure if I believe that Hazelton's dad will let him go to USC, and I really am not fond of the idea of Hazelton going to Penn State only because his dad forced him to.


Blogger Mike L said...

That Riddler picture is classic.

Did you see Dexter's comments about how he didn't want Penn State to pull out all the bells and whistles last weekend? He wasn't happy that they took him to a basketball game and the students were chanting his name. My goodness.

2:01 PM

Blogger PSUMike said...

Ugh. At this point I say let Vidal go to USC. This sounds like another situation like Eric Lindros and Eli Manning. The first time his kid goes a game without touching the ball the Dad will be complaining in the papers that his kid should have gone to USC. This whole situation doesn't pass the smell test. I'd love to see Vidal running up and down the sidelines on saturdays in Happy Valley, but I think his dad is going to bring serious damage to the program which may hurt future recruiting.

5:05 PM


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