Friday, February 24, 2006

Hazelton saga ends

As you've probably read elsewhere, Vidal Hazelton finally signed (for real) with USC, thus ending the silly saga that, in the end, really wasn't that important. This wouldn't've been a change that impacts Penn State next year in any case - PSU's top heavy with WR talent. Nittany Blog (now Nittany Notebook) had a starting lineup for next year's WRs that I agree with.

Hazelton and Bell have about the same size/speed (Hazelton's faster, but they're both 4.5 range), and are a little taller than Williams, but slower - they're more in Golden/Rubin's frame - 6'3", 215-220 (though they're currently lighter).

Have fun at USC, Vidal. Maybe we'll see you on the sidelines of the national championship in a few years - when Penn State's beating USC, that is.

Hey. Can't blame me for a little smack.


Blogger Mike L said...

CBell works. I'm glad it's over. Although there isn't much to get excited about until Blue-White.

Part of the word verification is "BCS". Is it a sign?

2:01 PM

Blogger Pat said...

Although there isn't much to get excited about until Blue-White.

There's still my final UFR on the Orange Bowl!

Tidbits: The person we'll miss the most on defense? Alan Zemaitis. Florida State passed deep to the man covered by Zemaitis once. Result? Interception. Every other deep pass was to Anwar Phillips's side.

8:28 PM

Blogger Mike L said...

My bad my bad. I look forward to that. How about Jimmy Shaw?

4:55 PM

Anonymous pete said...

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Blogger Richard B. Wade said...

Ever since my Chargers were eliminated, I've been looking at players that might slide to them in the upcoming draft. I'm just curious what you guys who have watched Posluszny think about him playing inside in the 34.

3:01 PM

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