Monday, January 30, 2006

What the heck is going on with Michael Robinson?

Okay. I'm really, really confused by the NFL now.

Scouts have uniformly been saying that Robinson has no chance at playing QB in the NFL. I agree that there's no way that Robinson is anywhere near ready to start in the NFL. He simply hasn't had enough experience. Whether or not he's incapable of playing QB is another thing.

Robinson's a nice guy - soft spoken, and very deferential. If you've read his articles at the CDT, you'll know what I mean. He's played RB, WR, kick returner, and QB at Penn State. Everything he was asked. Whatever he's asked to do, he'll do. And he'll listen to the advice that other people give.

But here's the part that confuses me. Norm Chow - you know, the offensive coordinator for an NFL team - told Robinson to continue to be a quarterback.

"The scouts want to see me do other things," Robinson said. "When I asked Norm about it, he said, 'Mike, you're a heck of a quarterback. I kind of shy away from doing that.' That made me feel good."

And Craig Johnson - quarterbacks coach for, you know, an NFL team, has said

"Michael is an athlete who has played a number of different positions. He has shown he can lead the team. If guys are looking for a run-pass type, he has been accurate enough and has made big plays in big games. He's going to have to find a team that likes that role. That's the way he'll make it in the NFL.

And so Robinson practiced several days at QB. Then, during the game, he saw action exclusively at QB. And afterwards, Jeff Fisher - head coach for, you know, an NFL team said

Tennessee Titans' head coach Jeff Fisher (head coach of the North squad) was asked at halftime about the position Robinson should play in the NFL, to which he said he feels he deserves a shot at quarterback and called him one of the best athletes on the field this week.

What the heck is going on? Are they just blowing smoke for him? If so, that's ridiculous - that's incredibly cruel for an impressionable young kid. Or do they really think he can play QB? What am I missing? Yah, all the scouts are saying "no way at QB", but these guys coach in the NFL, and I'd kinda figure they have a better idea of what he can do than they do.


Blogger Mike L said...

Yeah I haven't figured out what to make of all the Robinson chatter. He got more attention than most anyone at the game and yet no one can decide where he should even play.

I guess it's good for PSU on some level.

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