Thursday, January 26, 2006

EXCLUSIVE! How to defeat Michigan!

Jason Avant has apparently slipped and given away the game plan for defeating Michigan in an interview on

BK-The Burger King: What do you think of my amazing commercials? Do you think you could cover me? Or could I cover you?

SportsNation Jason Avant: You're too good! I can't cover you! You move like lightning!

Can apparently totally take Jason Avant

This may affect Avant's draft stock, as the Burger King has been seen playing on at least three different NFL teams.

Other gems from the interview - from Nick Mangold (OSU center):

Ryan (NJ): Hey Nick, good luck to you at the next level. How did PSU compare to Texas, since you played both this year?

SportsNation Nick Mangold: I thought PSU was actually better on defense. They gave us more problems. But either way, they were both great teams and that's why they finished in the top five.

I always knew centers were the smartest guys on the team.

There's also some talk about Michael Robinson, who - as we expected - struggled playing QB. In some sense I do wonder whether or not a team might gamble and have Robinson as a practice squad QB, with a backup plan as a WR/kick returner (so on the main roster). Robinson's had very little time as a QB, and his main problem is his accuracy (improvable) and footwork (understandable, and improvable). He'll learn.


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