Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PSU-USC matchup?

No, not that USC - University of South Carolina. I previously posted about Penn State's open date next year since La. Tech backed out. Well, it turns out that UCF did the same thing to University of South Carolina next year, on the same day! So they're trying to find an opponent, we're trying to find an opponent, and we really shouldn't be thinking about a Div. IAA opponent.

Granted, this makes next year's out of conference schedule ridiculously hard, giving us Akron (7-5) Notre Dame (9-2), and South Carolina (7-4) next year. Compare that to Cincinnati (3-7), Central Michigan (6-5), and USF (5-5). In less biased numbers (from Colley's rankings), we're going from teams with a corrected average winning percentage of 0.49 (i.e. just a little worse than average) to 0.65 (i.e. way above average). If Penn State had had that schedule this year, they would've had the second hardest schedule in college football - harder than Ohio State's, and only second to Michigan (only that bad because they played us and Ohio State). If we had played that schedule this year, it would've been the hardest out-of-conference schedule in the Big Ten. Yes, harder than Ohio State's.

So, from a football standpoint, it's a big risk. But I think it's a risk worth taking. If nothing else, a 3-0 start, with that schedule, would make Penn State look very attractive in the polls.


Well, just a short time after I posted this, the story came out that Penn State is playing Youngstown State next year. So much for that hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it looks like we've added Youngstown State (Tressell's old college) to that open date. I can just picture the Old Ball Coach on one sideline and the Oldest of Ball Coaches on the other.

Fight On State.

12:58 PM

Blogger Pat said...

Yah, the only thing I can think of is that they were working on this beforehand, as South Carolina didn't have that date open up until this weekend. Bleah. Oh well.

4:22 PM


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