Saturday, December 03, 2005

PSU-FSU Orange Bowl?

Well, thanks, Virginia Tech, as it looks like it'll probably be a Penn State/Florida State Orange Bowl. Which means that if Ohio State makes the BCS, they actually get a better opponent than the Nittany Lions.

Va. Tech is an odd team. I don't think I've ever seen a more poorly coached and playcalled game. I think Virginia Tech had at least 4 fumbles, of which they only lost 1 - but if you watched the ball carrier, on every one - with at least three different ball carriers - the person was carrying the ball with one arm, away from his body. In comes the defender, helmet pops the ball out, and poof. That's just poor discipline.

And the constant whining at the officials after every play? That was just childish. You've got to keep kids' heads in the game.

More thoughts regarding Florida State later, but I've got a feeling a PSU-FSU Orange Bowl will be a rout. Florida State did not look that good. For some reason, Va. Tech virtually never ran the ball, even though they were successful with it from time to time. Especially on the edge, Florida State's defense looks a little slow. Virginia Tech tried to attack it with short hitches and WR screens, but Vick's inaccuracy caused a large number of those to be incomplete. Option pitches should do fine.

For some reason as well, Vick continued to try to pass whenever he was forced to scramble. Even when they were only down by a touchdown! In most of those cases, he gave up 5 or 6 yards for a pass that wasn't completed anyway. Most of his deeper passes were poor decisions or underthrows, including that interception.

Michael Robinson isn't exactly the most accurate quarterback, but his decision-making has become top-notch, and FSU won't get those gimmes against Penn State. Add in the fact that FSU's offensive line seemed porous whenever Virginia Tech rushed four (which they rarely did, which I completely don't understand), and this smells like a rout to me.

"What if" game, USC edition coming tomorrow. Note that you'll find out that I'm not a shameless homer in that one. Congrats to USC and Texas for getting to the Rose Bowl. And I'd like to thank LSU and Virginia Tech for making Penn State a consensus #3 by tomorrow, and if either USC or Texas stinks it up in the Rose Bowl, helping make Penn State a consensus #2.

Man, for a playoff. Dangit.


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