Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Media vs. Paterno - fight!

What the heck is the media's problem with Paterno recently? In JoePa's latest press conference, after he cancelled the students meeting with the press, the media were all over him during the conference, badgering him about the fact that he's not willing to make the students available.

Thing is, the game isn't for another month. And finals week is next week. What, exactly, would the students say this week? "Uh, we're looking forward to playing Florida State... just like we will be in two weeks, after I've finished taking my final, can I go now?"

JoePa's definitely got a point - ESDBS's recent post on why ESPN sucks points out that sports media kinda has grown just a little insane. And while some of these athletes will be professional athletes, and so this will just be part of the job, a lot of them won't. I really pride Paterno for trying to drive this home, and the media just badgered him, arguing "well, how can the kids get national exposure if you won't make them available to the public?" Yah, last time I checked, I think I've seen Robinson more than I've seen several of my friends, so I think they might be available. Could be wrong. has the interview if you want to listen to it. The end of part 2 and part 3 is where they really get argumentative. Also in the beginning when they complain about the students being unavailable. The article text is, shall we say, a little unfair to the actual contents.

What's funny is that none of the media really push the fact that Paterno's focus on ensuring the kids graduating works. The graduation rate for football players in 2002 was 88 percent. The national average is 52 percent.


Blogger Mike L said...

I agree the media needs to calm down. I think Joe still hasn't adjusted to the age of 6 ESPNs and media covering absolutely everything.

7:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"National exposure" bit is really stupid. It's not as if ESPN is going to give exposure to any of the players that aren't up for awards around this time. And doubtful they'll give exposure to the guys just on the fringe of stardom like Zemaitis even around the time of the Orange Bowl unless there's some angle - like his beloved pet monkey died in Iraq or he donated one of his kidneys to his high school coach or something. Doesn't matter anyway - the pro scouts know all about our Lions.

7:39 PM


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