Monday, December 12, 2005

Media, and deserving Poz?

So I think just about every single reporter who went to that conference wrote some long complaining thing about JoePa not making the players available.

Centre Daily even put up a poll asking if people thought he should've made the players available. Answer? Yah, a resounding "no". Cool. I feel better now.

And Keith from Buckeye Commentary and myself were having a discussion regarding whether or not Poz deserved the Butkus. Well, kindof a discussion. I've seen all of the Penn State and Ohio State games this year, but I'm not a good enough judge of skill to say whether Poz or Hawk did a better job as a linebacker. There have been several scouts that have said that Poz might be a better pure linebacker, so basically I just give the benefit of the doubt and say, okay, I can understand that. And my own opinions as to what a linebacker should be kinda tell me that I think Poz did a better job as well, but that's just my opinion.

But I will say that I do think that A.J. Hawk probably deserved the Bednarik over Poz. Remember, the Bednarik goes to best defensive player, and I think if you took Hawk out of the OSU defense, they are seriously, seriously weakened. If you take Poz out of the PSU defense, I think the defense is weakened, sure, but not nearly as much - you've still got just as strong a defensive line, and just as strong a secondary.

Heck, I'm not convinced that I would give Poz the title of "best defensive player" on Penn State's own defense. Hali had a monster year, and Zemaitis may not have had a ton of interceptions, but how much of that was due to the fact that no one ever threw to him? But Hawk, in my mind, took the OSU defense from "good" to "great". Now, how can that make him not the best linebacker? Well, that's a subject for discussion, as you can see above. :)


Blogger Mike L said...

Why are Buckeye fans so bent out of shape over this? I'm starting to think I want Notre Dame to win...

2:14 PM

Blogger Penn State Fanatic Fan said...


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Blogger Pat said...


Keep in mind that Columbus fawns over their athletes here. I mean *fawns* - the whole "our apartment was robbed" thing that happened to a few of the players sounds extremely suspicious to anyone not from the area, but everyone here has been like "oh my god, how could that happen!" So they get a bit bent out of shape about the players not getting accolades. Again, I kinda agree with them regarding the Bednarik. Let Poz have something to work for next year. :)

But hey, root for Ohio State. The Big Ten is a lot better than people think this year, and the bowls are the chance to prove it. I don't know why everyone thinks Texas/USC are in a "different class" or something - drop Penn State in the Big 12 and they would've had an undefeated record, too.


Yah, I'm behind on linking to other sites. I'm fine with doing it, but it might take me a while. I still need to add Buckeye Blitz as well.

11:04 AM

Blogger Mike L said...

Let's hope Poz is back next year. I can't say I'm convinced he will be.

5:06 PM


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