Monday, November 07, 2005


Well, welcome to Bleed Blue 'n White, a Penn State football blog, with a bit of sprinklings of the NFL just for flavor.

I'm sure you're saying - why bother creating yet another Penn State blog? There are already a bunch - the Nittany Blog, and CentreDaily's Monday Morning QB just to name two.

Well, it's simple - what I haven't found is a rabid, football-obsessed fanatic fan site that's fair. By fair, what I mean is placing laurels where they belong, and criticism where it belongs, and not pointlessly heaping it on officials, or some secret cabal of blue-and-yellow shapechanging vampires who have subverted the Big Ten to their whims.

You want to talk about Penn State football? Great. So do I. You want to try to find more information about George Bush and Halliburton's connection to Lloyd Carr that helped him get the two seconds put back on the clock in the 2005 game? Go somewhere else.

We got it? On the same page? Great! Welcome to Bleed Blue 'n White.


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