Monday, November 07, 2005

Week 11 Top 25

It's the First Ever, Totally Original, Bleed Blue 'n White Top 25!

  1. Texas. Slightly better schedule than USC, but only temporarily.

  2. USC. Just be patient. Beat the crap out of Cal/Fresno St./UCLA and you'll be #1, okay?

  3. Alabama. Sorry, cardinal rule - all unbeatens at the top. I'd rank 'em 1a, 1b, 1c if I could.

  4. Penn State. Shameless homerism? Not this year! Woo!

  5. Miami (FL). Sorry, guys, I like consistent wins against very good teams more than one win against a great team.

  6. Virginia Tech. Miami game was supposed to be the one where you leapfrogged Texas in the computer rankings. Wrong way, guys.

  7. Ohio State. Any other year, and you'd be the best team in the Big Ten. Hawk, Carpenter, Schlegel, sorry, time to cut your hair.

  8. Georgia. Higher than others because I kinda forgive that loss without a QB.

  9. Notre Dame. OK, so I guess my "what if Notre Dame loses to Tennessee" scenario was a joke...

  10. Florida. "Hey, you've got them under a team they beat!" Yah. Did you miss the "forgive QB-less loss" comment?

  11. LSU. "Hey, you've got them under a team they beat!" Yes, because they just played a non-Division IA opponent, and had their closest game ever against one.

  12. Oregon. watches UCLA zoom past them on their fall from grace. Don't taunt, Ducks. Not like it couldn't happen to you.

  13. Texas Tech. watches Oregon's reaction - shudders in fear. Just wait.

  14. West Virginia. Man, I'd like to see South Florida beat these guys and make the Big East a total mess.

  15. UCLA. Whew! After that pounding, it's great UCLA doesn't have any other powerhouse teams on its schedule! Its ranking is safe!

  16. TCU. Why did you have to lose to SMU? You could've been the worst BBNW #4 ever!

  17. Wisconsin. There's a reason they had to beat Minnesota on fluke luck. This is probably too high.

  18. Michigan. Best three loss team. except Rutgers, if you're on acid.

  19. Colorado. Just... beat the tar out of Nebraska so we can pretend you beat someone real, OK?

  20. Florida State. Beat my #5 team, and only a #20 ranking? Next time don't lose to NC State!

  21. Georgia Tech. NC State, the killer of the 20s.

  22. Auburn. But not me! Ahhahahahahhahaha!

  23. Northwestern. The game is never over versus Northwestern. Unless you're Michigan, that is.

  24. Fresno State. Best win is over Toledo. Yeah. Okay.

  25. Minnesota.

Closest team out: UTEP. Sorry, guys, but with that weak of a schedule, you can't lose to Memphis.

For the record, even though I'm not in the BlogPoll, I watched PSU/Wisconsin, Iowa/Northwestern, and portions of Miami/VT. Oh, and Toledo/Ohio. Yes, really, Toledo/Ohio. Fresno State's lucky I put them at 24.


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