Monday, November 07, 2005

Stop the insanity!

First rant! Ah, I'm so proud of myself for holding off so long. Aren't you?

50 Yard Lion, just... stop. Please. You're embarassing all of us. Yes, I know that some Penn State fans believe the officials hate us. Yes, I'm sure some Penn State fans think Michigan's running a vast global conspiracy designed to rid the world of fluoridated water.

"Mr. President, we cannot allow a two-second gap!"

But really, you've gone too far. You're now accusing Brian, a fellow blogger from MGoBlog who's worked his ass off to create a great poll setup for all college football fans, of biasing the poll against Penn State? Because there are 5 Michigan voters, and only two Penn State voters?

Give me a break! This is just stupid conspiracy theory crap. So they have Penn State lower than you do. Big deal. Straight Bangin' has Michigan - his own team! - ranked way below their overall poll position - not at all.

Brian, in fact, had Penn State ranked seriously higher than the rest of the poll at large. Why? Because, as he said, he reviewed everyone's wins, and Penn State's is better than the others. Man, Brian. Stop the Lion-hating, man. I mean, really.

So, seriously, I ask again - please, 50 Yard Lion, please stop. I like reading you. Really I do. The "they're tribbles with teeth!" bit was great. But until you stop the really childish "THEM" stuff, I'm just going to have to ignore you.


Blogger Mike L said...

I have to agree. Get over it. Michigan beat us. Flat out. We're having a MUCH better season than them, so why are people still harping on them?

4:11 PM

Blogger PSU74 said...

The Michigan loss is so galling because you can't read an article about PSU that doesn't mention that game. But Mike is right . They won that battle , but PSU is poised to win the war.

It's Michigan's Football team against Penn" State's football team

It's not them v. us

4:11 PM


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