Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick thoughts

Just a quick thought on the game - remember, I still have to watch it, thanks to the worst travel schedule possible.

It's amazing how good Penn State's defense is. Really - simply amazing. Versus Minnesota and Ohio State, Paul Posluszny was a beast. At one point, Posluszny had as many tackles as all of the OSU linebackers combined. He was Big Ten defensive player of the week 3 weeks in a row. College football talking heads were probably practicing saying "Posluszny" thinking they'd be talking about him every week.

Then the Wisconsin game comes around, and it's not Poz who puts up the big game, but Tamba Hali, who basically beat Wisconsin all by himself. So now people start talking about Penn State's great defensive line, lead by Hali, and their great linebackers, lead by Poz.

Now the Michigan State game comes around, and it's not Poz or Hali, but Zemaitis who absolutely trashes the Spartans, shutting down two drives after the Spartans marched down the field, and then handing the offense an easy score as well.

So, let's review - you've got a great defensive line led by Hali, great linebackers led by Poz, and a great secondary led by Zemaitis.

Of course, I'm not telling you anything any Penn State fan doesn't know. But in some sense it was fitting - for each of Penn State's three biggest wins of the year, a different unit on the defense had to step up, and they did.

And incidentally, kudos to Ohio State for beating Michigan. Two Big Ten teams in the BCS? Are you kidding me? Look at the schedules these two teams have had to face. I don't even think if USC or Texas had played Penn State or Ohio State's schedule that they would've ended up unbeaten.

And I think we all know what my Wednesday Weekend Wishlist will include now. With Miami losing, that makes Penn State a lock to grab the #3 BCS ranking, which means that every Penn State fan should be screaming his brains out rooting for Texas A&M and UCLA. Hey, there's a chance. Apparently I've appeased the football gods, because my Fresno State beating USC didn't seem so crazy in the 4th quarter, now did it?


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