Friday, November 11, 2005

Penn State vs...

Appalachian State? Southeast Missouri State? Mississippi Valley State? After Louisiana Tech cancelled their 2006 game due to a scheduling conflict, Penn State's probably going to have to schedule a Division IAA team, according to Paterno.

I tend to downgrade teams who play Division IAA teams, because I think it's, well, kinda bad sportsmanship. I also think that those games heftily screw up computer rankings (like Sagarin's ratings). But now I'm wondering, am I being too harsh? Obviously Penn State doesn't really have a choice here - everyone else is scheduled, and so there's not much they could do. Is this why other teams play Division IAA teams, I wonder?

Oh well. Paterno at least will be able to show class again by not running up the score against an inferior opponent, hopefully.


Blogger Matthew Barker said...


I have an Ohio State blog called "Buckeye Sports Blitz" @ and I have included your site in my links list and I was wondering if you could reciprocate?

Matthew Barker

10:24 AM

Blogger Mike L said...

My friend and I were talking today and we decided it should be a school in PA. Shippensburg, Lehigh, whatever. I think that'd be pretty cool.

5:37 PM

Blogger Pat said...

Lehigh would be great, if they could do it. Be interesting to see how many people in that area actually root for Lehigh. There is a PSU branch campus right there, after all.

6:57 PM

Blogger Mike said...

Penn State has two choices, both of which are better than doing what the Southeastern and Big 12 schools do in beating up on a Division 1-AA patsy:

1. Offer to play AT another school, no return visit required. Chalk it up as recruiting expense.

2. Open date.

Yes, I know about the money. Big damn deal. Grow a pair and be the program I used to be proud of. There's never an excuse to play a 1-AA school. Never.

2:04 PM


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