Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The fireworks continue!

I don't want this to turn into another rant - already been enough of those - but I just wanted to say hello to 50 Yard Lion again, who responded to my rant. First, no, I didn't create the blog just for you. I actually mainly created it because I was so impressed with MGoBlog - take a look at it, especially the Upon Further Reviews! We need something like that for Penn State football! - and also because I needed somewhere to put observations regarding Penn State, the Big Ten, and the NFL. Note that I'm a physics and astronomy graduate, so I've got a pretty decent background in math, so you'll probably come across some decently technical stuff. Like the beatpaths, and I'm hoping to develop a much more detailed Division IA computer ranking system sometime next year. Maybe over the holidays.

Second, I just want to clarify one thing. I have no problem with believing that officials made a bad call. I was perfectly in agreement with JoePa in the 2002 season regarding the necessity of instant replay, and I believe that Penn State almost definitely lost one game due to a bad call, if not more. But what I do have a problem with is the conspiracy theory stuff.

It's one thing to say "we were cheated!" It's quite another thing to say "you cheated us!" Okay, really, that's the last from me on this.


Blogger Mike L said...

I love seeing this blog here. The BWI and Scout message boards get tiresome, so this is refreshing to see. You sir have been bookmarked.

5:18 PM

Blogger Pat said...

Thanks for not judging me by the utterly awful site design. It'll change - I just need time to work on it. :)

7:20 PM


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