Friday, February 24, 2006

Hazelton saga ends

As you've probably read elsewhere, Vidal Hazelton finally signed (for real) with USC, thus ending the silly saga that, in the end, really wasn't that important. This wouldn't've been a change that impacts Penn State next year in any case - PSU's top heavy with WR talent. Nittany Blog (now Nittany Notebook) had a starting lineup for next year's WRs that I agree with.

Hazelton and Bell have about the same size/speed (Hazelton's faster, but they're both 4.5 range), and are a little taller than Williams, but slower - they're more in Golden/Rubin's frame - 6'3", 215-220 (though they're currently lighter).

Have fun at USC, Vidal. Maybe we'll see you on the sidelines of the national championship in a few years - when Penn State's beating USC, that is.

Hey. Can't blame me for a little smack.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Okay, so life is officially "mean".

Me: "UFR is so hard, it takes me like four hours to generate the freaking HTML so Blogger won't freak out."
Brian (from mgoblog): "Hey, here's an easy way to do it."
Me: "Cool, now it'll be easy!"
Life: "Bwahaha, now try doing it while deathly ill!"

Life wins. On the plus side, "I am no longer infected."

My hovercraft... is full of eels

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In lieu of UFR...

You may have noticed UFR's Orange Bowl defense is late (as were the others...). Yah, so sue me. I'm still trying to figure out easy ways to do this in spare time, and right now it's a lot of work.

So, to make myself feel better, I've decided to use my patented BBNW mind-reading powers to discern what's really going on behind the Vidal Hazelton saga. BWI posted some comments from Dexter Hazelton, his father, and I've realized there's clearly more going on behind the scenes. So I'll fill in what Dexter can't say, okay?

Little did you know, BBNW has ultimate mind reading powers

BBNW mind-reading powers insights are in bold.

"The whole family went to Penn State," said Vidal's father, Dexter Hazelton. "Vidal was very quiet and didn't ask many questions. as the voice of Pete Carroll was clearly filling his mind. He went out with some players later that night (Saturday) so I don't know if he was more of himself then, but he wasn't acting like himself during the visit. "Vidal is a talker and always having fun and upbeat, but I was watching him on the visit and he wasn't himself."

What does this mean?

That clearly our attempt to expunge the stain of USC's recruiting from him has failed. We must try harder!"I'm not sure," said Dexter. "I know he knows the whole family wants him to go to Penn State because they're A: close, B: not only interested in him for his recruiting ranking and C: not evil. But he's a smart kid and he might have just been taking it all in. We were all talking and joking around on the drive home and we didn't really talk about his choice. I told him to take a few days or the whole week and let it soak in, let the decision come to him." which would be Penn State, of course. We were joking around, all right. To save his eternal soul.

Would Dexter still sign a letter to Southern Cal, the team Vidal committed to in late December, if that's where he wants to go?

"Absolutely," he said. "I want Vidal to make an educated decision but I don't want him to go someplace if he's not happy, then he might rebel. The most important thing to his family is that he's happy with his choice. If it's Southern Cal, we'll support him fully." and pray for his survival constantly, and try to get him transferred.


"I've talked with coach (Pete) Carroll a few times and it was good since I made sure I had holy symbols within arms reach at all times. Vidal told me he worried about how coach Carroll and I would get along if he chose USC given that he's evil, but I told him that it wouldn't be an issue. If Vidal chooses USC, then they're family. All families have disagreements and divorces, but coach Carroll and I are fine. I'd have no problem."

Pete Carroll: evil

Note - the above was stolen blatantly from this guy, who clearly has more free time than I do.

I have to say, I'm a little disturbed by this whole thing. I can't tell if Hazelton's father is just really pushing for Penn State because it's closer, but he really hates Pete Carroll, USC and the way that USC recruited Hazelton. At one point, there was a article which said that Dexter was upset because Pete Carroll called him and said "you're messing up my rankings" by keeping Hazelton as a question mark, at which point Dexter told Carroll to stop calling. I can't find that article anymore. He's also called Carroll a "shark". EDIT: here's that article, in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

However, I've been loathe to put anything up here about it, because fundamentally, we are talking about a kid's future, and I don't want to get all 'preachy mindless fanboy'. I'm not going to decry him as falling to the devil if he goes to USC. I will, however, point out again that it does make me feel proud that Hazelton's dad prefers Penn State at least somewhat because of their push for academics. 84 percent graduation, folks, when the national average is 65 percent. Of the 8 BCS teams, only Notre Dame and Penn State were above the national average.

But I'm also a little creeped out by the fact that I'm not sure if I believe that Hazelton's dad will let him go to USC, and I really am not fond of the idea of Hazelton going to Penn State only because his dad forced him to.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Upon Further Review, Orange Bowl offense

Orange Bowl offense
PSUPSU3512:501st and 10rush-20-0
Fake a quick pass to the right, Robinson drop back 5 yards, then takes off to run. Hunt (--) stands around and doesn't take on FSU#41, who blitzes on a delay, and trips up Robinson
PSUPSU3412:102nd and 12rush40-0
Robinson drops back, runs right following Hunt, who chooses the wrong guy to block, leaving open #53 who slows down Robinson to be tackled after a gain of 3.
PSUPSU3711:233rd and 8pass30-0
Shotgun, screen pass to Hunt who cuts right when he should've cut outside, running away from his blockers. Rush (-) also completely whiffs on a block on the outside. Dead on.
4 plays, 5 yards, punt
PSUPSU157:561st and 10rush60-0
Scott rush left end. Tyler Reed (+) buries his own man, then scoots downfield to spring Scott for a 6 yard gain
PSUPSU217:122nd and 4pass80-0
Swing pass right, caught at PSU 14, King rushes down right sideline to PSU29. Corner, safety for FSU were pulled downfield by speed of Golden, Norwood. Nice play. Dead on.
PSUPSU297:041st and 10pass250-0
Play action to Scott, Robinson bootlegs left to the 20, pass downfield to Kilmer (+) at FSU 46. Kilmer lined up wide right, and ran a slant across the entire field. Play action brough the secondary in, and Kilmer ran right behind them. Great play call, dead on.
PSUFSU466:561st and 10penalty-50-0
Smolko (-) jumps early.
PSUPSU496:561st and 15rush120-0
Shotgun, handoff to Scott, rushes left tackle for 12. Robinson (+) makes a good initial block to spring Scott. Hall (+) shoves a defender enough to keep the lane open.
PSUFSU396:192nd and 3passInc0-0
Play action to Scott. Robinson drops to FSU 48 and throws deep for Butler at FSU 3. Butler had a step open, but couldn't close on the pass. Catchable.
PSUFSU396:113rd and 3rush290-0
Draw up the middle, Scott (+) makes a nice cut to hit an open lane between Richardson and Smith, and rushes to FSU 10. Ignore the talking heads: Rush actually has no bearing on the play - he traps right, but the defensive tackle wasn't heading in the right direction anyway. Smith (++) blocks two guys to spring Scott.
PSUFSU115:491st and 10rush90-0
Rush up the middle. Richardson (+) drives his man 5 yards to the right, clearing the lane for Scott. T. Golden (+) makes a critical downfield block which gives Scott an additional 6 yards
PSUFSU35:042nd and 1rush3, TD7-0
Rush up the middle. Good vision by Scott, but great O-line blocking. E.Z. Smith (+), T. Reed (+), C. Rush (+) all absolutely level their men. Easy job for Scott.
9 plays, 85 yards, TD
PSUPSU43:361st and 10rush137-0
Rush up the middle. Scott's (++) best run of the night. Smolko flattens his man to give Scott a lane, and Snow (+) makes another block and then absolutely *motors* downfield to attempt to make another block if Scott manages to break free to the 17. T. Golden (-) unfortunately chooses the wrong downfield block, otherwise Scott is off for an easy TD. As it is he almost weaves his way around them, gaining an extra 4 yards.
PSUPSU173:111st and 10passInt.7-0
Robinson chucks it deep for Norwood, who absolutely has no separation whatsoever. Bad read, throw was fine (hence the interception) Butler (+) makes a shoestring tackle at the PSU 48, saving a whole lot worse. Robinson should've seen the safety shading to the right, and the fact that Norwood wasn't getting separation. To be fair, however, Norwood also mistimed the throw.
PSUPSU211:301st and 10rush67-0
Rush up the middle. Great vision by Scott (+), finding a sliver of a hole to get through the O-line, and then great speed to cut back to the 27
PSUPSU270:512nd and 5rush27-0
Delayed handoff to Scott, rush left tackle. Brown (+,-) makes a great block, but holds it too long, allowing the lineman who got away from T. Reed (-) to get past him and make the tackle.
PSUPSU290:083rd and 3rush57-0
QB draw. Great block by Hall (+) to give Robinson the lane. Robinson (+) dodges a crappy diving tackle and scoots for the first down, to the 35. Snow (-) misses what would've been a key block on FSU#81. Terrible tackling by FSU - if FSU#8 misses on a diving tackle, Robinson is off for a TD.
PSUPSU3415:001st and 10passInc7-0
Robinson passes to King at the 47, who can't come down with it. Catchable throw. Robinson throws to the inside away from the defender - maybe a little much, but nothing too tough. King (-) doesn't anticipate where the ball will be and can't adjust.
PSUPSU3414:572nd and 10rush137-0
Delayed handoff to Scott (+). Rush up the middle, evades a tackle before being brought down at the 47. Great block by C. Rush (+) to spring Scott initially, and great block by Smolko (+) to give Scott the upfield lane
PSUPSU4714:311st and 10rush107-0
Fake swing pass right, QB scramble. The fake pass completely fools all but 1 FSU defender, and Robinson (+) rushes to the FSU44. Robinson should've cut right, but the fake pass was done so well that we'll give him a pass.
PSUFSU4414:062nd and inrush17-0
Shotgun, option handoff to Kinlaw, I think. If it was an option, not sure why Robinson didn't pull down and run, as all the FSU defenders followed Kinlaw. Good job by Kinlaw (+) to squirt through a hole and fall forward for the 1st.
PSUFSU4313:401st and 10pass147-0
Pass left flat to Butler (+) at the 29. Catchable ball, though a little low. Good route right behind the linebacker in zone, and good cut.
PSUFSU2913:111st and 10pass-47-0
Swing pass left to King, who is drilled *immediately* at the 34. Dead on, but a little slow. Probably wouldn't've mattered, as FSU just read the play entirely.
PSUFSU3412:252nd and 14passInc7-0
Swing pass right to Norwood, pass dropped. Poor throw, but Robinson and Norwood were off a bit on timing. Tough to place blame.
PSUFSU3412:213rd and 14pass-137-0
Blitz of 7 by FSU. Scott (-) *completely* whiffs his blitz pickup, and Robinson tosses the ball away - intentional grounding. Horrible block by Smolko (-) allowing the DE to rush right around him, preventing Robinson from escaping the blitzer.
13 plays, 49 yards, punt
PSUPSU449:351st and 10-27-0
7-man blitz by FSU. Handoff to Scott running right - absolutely no room. C. Rush (-) was blocked backwards into Scott's path outside.
PSUPSU428:572nd and 12passInc7-0
Shotgun, throw to the sideline at FSU46. King (-) fell down, but overthrown.
PSUPSU428:513rd and 12pass/scr17-0
Shotgun, looks to throw to Norwood, who's well covered. Tucks and runs to PSU43. FSU#7 stunted outside, no adjustment by Richardson (-) and T. Reed (-) who blocked no one, and FSU#7 forces Robinson to scramble into the line.
4 plays, -1 yard, punt
PSUPSU336:241st and 10rush117-0
Shotgun, handoff to Scott right tackle. Robinson sells the fake fake handoff well, freezing the defender long enough for Scott to cut around. Scott (+) with a nice spin move to keep his forward momentum going to gain about 3 extra yards.
PSUPSU445:571st and 10rush17-0
Handoff to Scott up the middle. Richardson (-) strangely avoids blocking the linebacker who tackles Scott to block an outside linebacker away from the play. Antolick (-) blown back on the play as well, restricting Scott's cutback lane.
PSUPSU455:172nd and 9pass/PFinc/-157-0
Drop back, fake handoff, pass to Butler who slants to the outside and can't hang on. Catchable pass. Brown (--) makes a stupid late hit.
PSUPSU305:113rd and 24pass67-0
Quick drop, pass to King right sideline at PSU36. Catchable pass.
5 plays, 3 yards, punt
PSUPSU124:031st and 10rush17-7
Handoff to Scott, up the middle. T. Reed (-) blocks his man directly into Scott's path. Stopped at the LOS.
PSUPSU133:222nd and 9passinc7-7
Drop back to pass. Norwood is open, but the RDE nearly blows by Scott causing Robinson to scramble out and attempt the throw to Norwood on the run. Bad throw, and should've stepped up in the pocket rather than scrambling out.
PSUPSU133:153rd and 9passinc7-7
Shotgun. Pass to King who runs a comeback route on the left side. Overthrown.
4 plays, 1 yard, punt
PSUPSU202:491st and 10pass217-13
Delayed 7 man blitz. Drop back to pass, Norwood (+) at the 33, spins to the 41. Dead on throw. Norwood lined up right, went in motion close to the line, then slanted across the field behind the linebackers.
PSUPSU412:231st and 10pass17-13
Shotgun, pass to Smolko in the right flat at PSU41. Corner makes a great open field tackle. Dead on throw.
PSUPSU421:422nd and 9rush57-13
Shotgun, handoff to Scott up the middle. Brown engages the LB, but is unable to open a running lane for Scott. Nice cut by Scott (+) to gain a couple more yards to the PSU47.
PSUPSU471:133rd and 3penalty-57-13
Illegal substitution.
PSUPSU430:583rd and 8passinc7-13
Pass to Parretta, at PSU35. Pass overthrown to PSU30. Bad throw. (throw is *not* to J.R. Zwierzynski, a LB)
6 plays, 23 yards, punt
PSUFSU400:171st and 10pass167-13
Shotgun. Richardson (-) barely touches a DT who rushes past him, and gets to Robinson. Robinson hesitated, but threw a second before being hit to Norwood, who lined up 5 yards off the sideline to the left, and cuts to the sideline to catch the pass at the FSU24. Catchable pass. Beautiful catch.
PSUFSU240:121st and 10pass24, TD14-13
Shotgun. 7-man blitz by FSU. Deep pass to Kilmer 5 yards deep in the end zone. Dead on throw, great catch, who cares, fantastic, amazing play. Some bad blitz pickups, but there weren't enough blockers anyway (3 wide, 1 deep, 6 on the line and 1 TE went on a route, so only 6 blockers for 7 blitzers) so no bad grades.
2 plays, 40 yards, TD
PSUPSU2014:541st and 10rush-414-13
Rush up the middle. Defender blows by C. Rush (-), and grabs Scott at the PSU15. Brought down at the PSU16. All around terrible blocking.
PSUPSU1614:152nd and 14passinc14-13
6-man blitz by FSU. Snow (-) can't block the blitzing LB at all, and Robinson is forced outside to throw the ball away. Throwaway.
PSUPSU1614:063rd and 14passinc14-13
5-man blitz by FSU. Robinson throws to Butler in a crossing route, and ... hits the official. Uh. Bad luck?
PSUPSU1614:024th and 14penalty-514-13
False start, can't tell who.
5 plays, -9 yards, punt
PSUPSU812:441st and 10rush114-13
Quick handoff to Scott. Brown (-) blocks right, completely letting the RDE make the quick tackle for short gain. Snow injured.
PSUPSU912:072nd and 9rush-214-13
Shotgun, handoff to Kinlaw, rush right, TFL. Not sure what went wrong - Hall (-) lets the RDE go, who makes the tackle, to block the upfield safety. If Robinson had kept the ball and run right, he would've had 8-9 yards, and possibly a lot more.
PSUPSU711:273rd and 11pass814-13
Drop back to pass, hits King right side at the 15, short of the 1st down. Dead on.
4 plays, 7 yards, punt
PSUPSU138:401st and 10passinc14-13
Fake handoff, pass left sideline to King who completely drops the ball at the PSU21. In and out of his hands. Dead on throw.
PSUPSU138:362nd and 10pass/scr714-13
Drop back to pass, scrambles (+) after first read isn't open. Nice spin move to avoid the second tackle. Brown (-) completely abandons a blocker who ends up tackling Robinson. (Yes, that is a missed late hit in my opinion.)
PSUPSU207:473rd and 3rush-114-13
QB scramble (-). Robinson cuts to the inside when he probably could've cut to the outside, but he wasn't getting the first down this way. Scott (-) makes a really, really poor attempt at blocking a linebacker and gets levelled, preventing Robinson from an easy outside cut.
4 plays, 6 yards, punt
PSUPSU15:071st and 10rush114-13
QB rush over center.
PSUPSU24:272nd and 9rush214-13
Handoff to Scott running right tackle. Hahn (-) hold his block too long, allowing the LB to make the tackle.
PSUPSU43:473rd and 7passinc14-13
Throw deep over center to Butler, who was double covered. Bad read, throw was catchable.
4 plays, 3 yards, punt
PSUPSU331:231st and 10rush-114-13
OPTION! Robinson waits until the LDE has no chance and pitches it to King, who is unable to get to the edge. Play doesn't work because Norwood (-) is unable to make the downfield block to spring King.
PSUPSU321:162nd and 11pass/DPI314-13
Quick pass to Norwood who runs a quick curl. Defensive pass interference prevents the catch. Catchable ball.
PSUPSU351:121st and 10rush714-13
REVERSE! Robinson hands off to Butler who hands off to Norwood heading right. The entire FSU defense bites on the reverse. ?? (-) fails to hold his block long enough. Robinson (+) makes a great downfield block allowing Norwood's momentum to gain him a few more yards.
PSUPSU430:302nd and 3pass614-13
Quick pass to Kilmer who runs a quick out right side at the PSU49. Dead on.
PSUPSU490:231st and 10passinc14-13
6-man blitz by FSU. Throwaway. Looks like it might've been a broken screen, as Scott attempts to get upfield but runs into another defender.
PSUPSU490:172nd and 10pass314-13
Quick toss to Kilmer who runs an out at the FSU46 and is tackled immediately. Dead on.
PSUFSU460:113rd and 6passinc14-13
5-man blitz by FSU. Brown (--) allows the blitzer right through, forcing Robinson to throw it away.
8 plays, 13 yards, punt
PSUFSU4613:301st and 10rush-116-13
Handoff to Scott, rush right tackle. Smolko (-) is unable to clear the lane for Scott, who runs into him when he's shoved back.
PSUFSU4512:502nd and 11passinc16-13
Fake handoff to Scott running left. Robinson throws the ball for Smolko, behind him. Bad throw. C. Rush (-) jumps right, but whiffs on his block, forcing the rushed throw. The other defender was let in by the tight end Smolko who left on a route.
PSUFSU4512:443rd and 11pass1916-13
5-man FSU delayed blitz. Shotgun. Norwood runs a crisp post and Robinson delivers a strike to the FSU32. Down at the FSU26. Dead on throw.
PSUFSU2612:211st and 10pass816-13
Drop back to pass. Scott (+) with a great pass protection pickup. Robinson throws to Norwood (+) at the 18. Catchable pass.
PSUFSU1811:372nd and 2passinc16-13
3-step drop, throws for Kilmer at the FSU13. Overthrown. E.Z. Smith (-) is unable to keep his blocker off, who drives him right into Robinson.
PSUFSU1811:333rd and 2rush216-13
OPTION! Two of the outside defenders key on Scott, and Robinson (++) cuts inside, forcing to a first down. Hahn (-) misses a block that would've given Robinson the edge.
PSUFSU1611:131st and 10rush316-13
Handoff to Scott, draw up the middle. Brown (-) is unable to force his defender back to create the gap at all, and Scott runs into his back and down at the 13.
PSUFSU1310:292nd and 7pass/scr116-13
Robinson drops back to pass. Brown (--) fails to block his defender (even with initial TE help). Robinson manages to get away from him, and manages to squirt forward to the 12.
PSUFSU1210:053rd and 6penalty516-13
Illegal substitution, defense.
PSUFSU79:413rd and 1rush216-13
Handoff to Scott, rush left tackle to the FSU5. T. Reed (+) shifts left, and shoves his defender (and Scott) forward past the 1st down. Brown (-) lets his blocker get away from him, who cuts back inside and makes first contact with Scott.
PSUFSU59:131st and gfumblefumble16-13
E.Z. Smith (---) fumbles the snap (yes, it's clear in the replay that the ball wasn't snapped cleanly)
10 plays, 41 yards, fumble
PSUPSU204:081st and 10pass/RTPinc, 1516-16
Drop back, play action. Hahn (-) makes a halfhearted attempt at a block, which cuts off Robinson's running lane. Robinson makes an extremely dangerous throw - probably not to Smolko, but to King. Bad read. Roughing the passer as Robinson is pointlessly yanked to the ground after the throw.
PSUPSU354:011st and 10pass416-16
Shotgun. Quick pass to Kilmer on a comeback route at the 39. Catchable.
PSUPSU393:222nd and 6penalty-516-16
FSU shows blitz. False start on Kilmer (-).
PSUPSU343:012nd and 11pass/scr-316-16
FSU shows blitz, backs off. Shotgun, terrible snap. Robinson (-) recovers, and attempts to scramble left end. Should've thrown it deep.
PSUPSU312:163rd and 14pass2016-16
Shotgun. E.Z. Smith (+) does a good job keeping the DT away from Robinson, who steps up and drills Smolko at the PSU49, who tumbles to the FSU49. Dead on. Nice route and catch by Smolko, but cuts right into the safety.
PSUFSU492:051st and 10pass3816-16
Shotgun. Robinson throws to Norwood cutting to the right sideline at the FSU27, tackled at the FSU11. Norwood (+) absolutely blows by the safety. Robinson has plenty of time as the defense isn't set by the time the ball is snapped. Dead on.
PSUFSU111:371st and 10rush-216-16
Handoff to Scott running right guard. Hahn (-) is absolutely flattened by his blocking attempt, and Scott runs into Brown and is tackled at the FSU13.
PSUFSU131:272nd and 12rush-116-16
Handoff to Scott running left. E.Z. Smith (-) is completely beaten by his blocker, who trips up Scott at the FSU15. Scott falls to the FSU14.
PSUFSU141:233rd and 13rush216-16
QB rush over center.
9 plays, 68 yards, missed FG
PSUFSU25OT11st and 10rush116-16
Handoff to Scott running left guard. C. Rush (-) stumbles after his first block and can't get to the LB, who tackles Scott at the FSU24. Hahn (+), T. Reed (+) both nail their blocks, opening a wide running lane if the LB is picked up.
PSUFSU24OT12nd and 9rush116-16
Drop back to pass, rushes middle. E.Z. Smith (--) doesn't fully pass his defender, who tackles Robinson at the FSU23, off to Rush, and then whiffs on a tackle of the LB.
PSUFSU23OT13rd and 8rush216-16
Drop back to pass, rushes left middle. E.Z. Smith (--) repeats his previous play exactly, except this time he fails to pass to T. Reed while going out to block an LB he whiffs on. Robinson is tackled at the FSU21.
4 plays, 4 yards, missed FG
PSUFSU25OT21st and 10pass516-16
Shotgun. Robinson fires to Norwood crossing at the FSU20, who is drilled immediately. Catchable ball - should've been thrown earlier to allow Norwood to cut away from the defender.
PSUFSU20OT22nd and 5passinc16-16
Shotgun. 7-man blitz by FSU (2 outside from the line, 1 from MLB). Picked up. Robinson throws to the back right of the end zone. Too far for Butler. Just barely overthrown.
PSUFSU20OT23rd and 5pass1816-16
3-man line. Rush from the right outside and inside linebacker. T. Reed (+) redirects the right inside linebacker past Robinson, who throws to Kilmer at the FSU17 who curled from the left slot across the middle. Kilmer (+) leaps a defender to the FSU2. Dead on.
PSUFSU2OT21st and grush116-16
7 men on the line. Handoff to Scott, running right. Hahn nearly blocks 3 men to clear a lane for Scott, but can't. Scott is tackled and stretches (?!) to the 1.
PSUFSU1OT22nd and grush1, TD23-16
Same alignment as before. Option run left, Robinson pitches to Scott, who runs for a TD. Great blocks by Hall (+) and Brown (+) to seal off the left side of the line.
5 plays, 25 yards, TD
PSUFSU25OT31st and 10rush023-23
Shotgun, hand off to Scott (+) running left. T. Reed (--) has the RDT spin away from him, and then continues to stare at him as he rolls on the ground, completely ignoring the RDE a foot in front of him who tackles Scott at the 25. Good effort by Scott to elude the attempted tackle by the RDT.
PSUFSU25OT32nd and 10pass823-23
Screen pass right, dead on. This run is all King (++) as he motors to the right sideline to the FSU17. Good job by T. Golden juking a defender to slow him down enough for King to pass him, but he stumbled coming out of it and couldn't make a downfield block
PSUFSU16OT33rd and 2rush323-23
7 men on the line for FSU. Fake handoff to Hahn, Robinson runs right. Hahn gets flattened in an attempt to block the right LB, but no minus because Robinson (+) was fast enough to get by him with the extra quarter-second that gave. Great downfield block by Scott (+) to give Robinson the first down at the FSU13. Also great block by T. Reed (+) downfield as well.
PSUFSU13OT31st and 10rush123-23
Handoff to Scott up the middle. Fake handoff to King running left from the WR spot. I think Hahn (--) thinks the handoff to King was real. He heads out to pick up the left LB along the path that King would've been taking, which allows the LDE in to make the first hit. It's either him or Brown, but Brown makes a good block on the LDT and C. Rush goes upfield to block the MLB, so I think it's Hahn. Good effort by Scott (+) to dodge the LDE's first tackle and pick up a yard to the FSU12.
5 plays, 12 yards, FG

Passing performance

This one's easy. Robinson had a very good day. While 21/39 with 1 INT and 1 TD doesn't look that good, receivers were dropping balls for a good portion of the game, with the worst being King's drop at the sidelines. The real star, however, are the number of times where Robinson simply nailed a receiver in a crossing route and the receiver never lost a step. Just a word on rating: I say dead on (DO) when the receiver has to make little if any adjustments to catch the ball, and if the ball is placed in a position where the receiver can continue running. If the ball is catchable with effort, but the receiver no longer can continue running, it's catchable (CA). If the ball is overthrown/underthrown/wobbly/bad throw/whatever, it's inaccurate (IN). If the ball is thrown to a receiver who's covered too well to possibly make the catch, it's a bad read (BR). If a ball is clearly thrown away, that's a throwaway. And if a ball hits something midair (in this game, only an official's hat) that's batted (BT).


Note that the dead-ons are inflated somewhat by the preponderance of swing passes. They were pretty swing passes, though. Robinson's three bad reads: the interception, the pass where Butler was double covered, and the pass where Robinson scrambled right, and threw the ball before a late hit got a roughing the passer penalty. That's really not that bad, and given the number of gorgeous throws he had, this was definitely a good day.

Receivers: the good, the bad, the ugly

Norwood and Kilmer obviously stepped up. Norwood and Robinson's timing was off on two plays - a swing play right, and very unfortunately, the interception downfield. Norwood is really coming along. He's a very crisp route runner, and is really finding the holes in zones well. Couple that with Derrick Williams returning next year for pure downfield speed, and my word, we've got a dangerous #1/#2 receiving threat.

And it also was a great day for Kilmer to have his best game as a receiver, too. Was it because he's a senior? Who knows. But what a fantastic catch at the end of the first half.

As for Butler and King: Butler looked fantastic earlier in the year, and then cooled off dramatically. Officially, he had 1 reception for 13 yards - but was thrown to six times. What happened? That part's easy: Butler is a good receiver, but he's not a deep receiver like Williams is. 3 of those 6 throws were deep throws (20+ yards). One was a dropped pass, one hit the official, and the last he caught. Butler was typically sent on the deep routes.

So it's a little unfair to criticize Butler, because he was forced into the deep role when Williams went out, and he's not a deep receiver. However, Norwood looked fantastic as a route runner, and so Butler might get forced back on defense by the preponderance of talent (Williams/Norwood/Golden/Rubin/Bell/King) that Penn State has at WR. Seriously, that much top end talent at WR is nuts (and people still want Vidal Hazelton!).

King's (complete) passes are mostly screens. Anything over 10 yards went incomplete. King will shift back to defense almost entirely next year, but he runs Williams's role extremely well, and so there will be a few plays next year with Williams and King lined up to make the defense play "guess who the screen's going to!" and "chase the speedy guy".

Quick note: while Terrell Golden didn't have a catch, he was fast enough to draw defenders away from receivers several times, and he had several good downfield blocks. Rubin and Golden fill similar roles (6'3", 213, and 6'3", 212), but Golden's had experience this year now. Golden already redshirted, so it'll be interesting to see what the coaches do with Rubin next year. Probably will be an interesting battle.


Well, we know that Tony Hunt didn't have much of a game, but with only three plays, it's tough to criticize. Scott stepped in well, and by his second series was running extremely well, even dodging players after poor blocks.

Scott's "stalling" in the second half is mainly due to poor blocking. Once Snow was injured, Hahn had a very poor game and Scott was held to very short gains. Scott didn't have a rush over 5 yards after Snow went out. Rushes after Snow: 2, -1, 3, 2, -2, -1, 1, 1, 1, 1.

That said, I'm not sure what to expect from Scott. Hunt's shown some ability to get yardage after contact, which Scott had a lot of trouble doing. Still, it's nice to know there's speed if Hunt gets injured again.

Blocking and the future!

Ah, here's where I outdo Brian's original UFR again with a block review. Blocking was a very mixed bag - early on, the line was shoving the FSU defenders around well, and the only thing that prevented a few 80-yard runs was a poor decision or two by a wide receiver on a safety. That's just a fantastic sign.

But by the end of the game, the blocking was much worse, which showed in both the rushing totals and the pass protection. Robinson was forced out of the pocket often, rushed throws, and was sacked. A lot of that was BranDon Snow going out, as mentioned above. Hahn is a spunky blocker - on one run above, he took on three blockers and actually held them for a second, but not long enough for Scott to get past. But he just doesn't have the size - on two plays he was absolutely levelled without slowing down the defender at all. Snow is a big, big key to our rushing success next year. Hahn, however, is a sophomore, but almost 20 pounds lighter than Snow, and it shows. He absolutely needs to bulk up more to be a starting fullback.

And this is where I get in trouble: Blocking/Penalty grades -

Rush: -3
Reed: -2
Richardson: -2
Brown: -9
Smith: -5

Smolko: -1
Hall: 2
Hahn: -5
Snow: 1
Antolick: -1

Golden: 0
Butler: 1
Hunt: -2
Scott: -1?!
Norwood: -1
Kilmer: -1

Yes, Brown's got the lowest grade of all of the offensive linemen. He had a horrendous game, just littered with poor blocks, and no real dominating performances to make up for them. (Smith had about three good plays to make up for that awful fumbled snap). However, keep in mind that the offensive line as a whole was pretty bad in the second half, and Brown was unremarkable the first half. Given that he's at LT, and the importance of that position, I think he'll be fine. But he definitely did not shine this game at all.


Yah. So. Summary. What to look for for next year? Running game should still be top notch - Hunt with Snow and Hall as blockers should be fine, and I'm sure Brown will improve. Hopefully Hahn puts on a few pounds and his senior year could be good. He's got spunk. Scott's decent at pass protection. Better than Hunt was on his one play, at least. So they both could get some playing time.

As for the wide receivers, Norwood really stood out this game. Great route running, great hands. King runs screens and hitches well, but he'll probably be primarily defense next year. With Williams back, expect the starting 3 wide receivers to be Williams/Norwood/Golden, although Rubin could sneak in there instead of Golden.

3 more years of Norwood and Williams? You've got to be kidding me. Talk about a treasure trove.

Monday, February 06, 2006

UFR later today

Sorry Upon Further Review didn't get out on Friday - killer headache ended the day very early for me. It'll be up later today.

Tidbit: Although lots of people will talk about how Penn State only has one offensive lineman coming back, that's a little silly. They keep their fullback, who's very good at blitz pickup, and blocking tight end (Patrick Hall) who's a very good blocker. Austin Scott also looked very good at pass protection as well. Tony Hunt less so in the Orange Bowl, but Hunt went out early - injured on an awful downfield block, mind you - so I give him a bit of a free pass. Which means Penn State's got at least 4 pass protection blockers returning.

Nittany Blog has Jordan Lyons as the starting TE next year, but unless I missed something about Hall (he does have one more year of eligibility), he absolutely should be the starting TE next year.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

(Not Completely Unlike) Upon Further Review: Orange Bowl Special Teams

Fixed. Thanks to Brian for informing me about Blogger's retarded "line break=br tag" idiocy.

Special Teams/Returns
FSUFSU3612:584th and 26punt/29FC0-0
Scirrotto (-) makes a terrible block on FSU#83, forcing a fair catch at PSU 35
FSUFSU338:084th and 14punt/5640-0
Punt to the PSU 11. Lowry advances to the 15. Scirotto (-) is completely outrun by FSU gunner (#22), and then makes a poor attempt at a block.
FSUFSU403:524th and 8punt/53-37-0
Punt to the 7. Lowry (--) has to backpedal from the 17, leading to the block in the back by Sales. Lowry cuts to the outside when he has two blockers and two men to beat on the outside. Terrible runback. Should've been lined up deeper (he was lined up for a 35-40 yard punt) and bad vision.
FSUFSU461:384th and 16punt/33FC7-0
Punt to the 21. Lowry has to run up from the 10, and fair catches. Understandable considering the previous kick was to the 10.
FSUFSU209:424th and 19punt/36FC7-0
Punt, fair caught by Lowry (-) at the 44. Lowry had a lane to his right. Shouldn't've fair caught.
Kickoff to the FSU1. #88 (?) Darling (-) completely whiffs a block, forcing King to pick it up, and preventing him from blocking FSU#83, who makes the tackle at the PSU12
FSUFSU50:234th and 8punt/55FC7-13
Punt to FSU40. Lowry was lined up ~FSU45. Fair caught.
Kick to the 5. Kilmer (-) gets burned by a spin move, and Kinlaw is brought down at the 20.
FSUFSU4612:554th and 5punt/46DOWN14-13
Punt to the 21. Bounces to the PSU8, Lowry (-) lets it go. Bad choice - he wasn't that close to the end zone.
FSUPSU478:554th and 7punt/34DOWN14-13
Punt to the PSU18, left. Lowry is lined up right and has no chance to do anything on it. Bounces to the PSU13.
FSUPSU345:154th and 5punt/33DOWN14-13
Lowry lined up at the 10 (!?) and someone lets the left gunner by them completely (giving up at the 15?!) allowing him to catch it at the 1.
Free kick to the FSU49, bounces to the PSU43, where Hahn almost makes a play for it. King picks it up at the PSU35 and cuts to the FSU46. Hall (-) pointlessly block to the left, but King avoids the tackle anyway. Hahn (+) makes a nice block to gain a few more yards. Double personal fouls offsetting after a shouting match.
Special Teams/Coverage
PSUPSU4010:364th and 5punt/51290-0
Punt to the FSU9. Gunners forced away from the play. E.Z. Smith (-) has nowhere near enough speed to cut FSU#26 down before being brought down at the 38
Kickoff to the FSU3. Runback to FSU 38. Norwood (-) reads the wrong person as kickoff returner and takes a terrible angle, allowing a cutback to the right. Lowry saves the play by seeing the open lane and immediately taking the angle to the sideline.
PSUFSU4712:164th and 27punt/33FC7-0
Punt (-) to the 14, fair caught. Good job in coverage, but punt was short.
PSUPSU438:094th and 11punt40187-0
Punt to FSU17. Gunners forced away from the play. E.Z. Smith (-) takes a poor angle, missing the tackle. Downed at FSU35.
PSUPSU364:314th and 18punt/5086, TD7-7
Punt to FSU14. Gunner takes the wrong angle, but the real killer here is one FSU defender blocking Hahn, Lee (-), and E.Z. Smith. Of course, he does this via a block in the back to Hahn, which frees him to block E.Z. Smith just as the defender cuts by him. No official was really in a position to see it, unfortunately. Kapinos (-) takes a horrible angle.
PSUPSU133:104th and 9punt/4637-7
Punt (-) to PSU46, bounce to FSU41. Kilmer makes a nice open field tackle, but the bouncing punt is the reason for the lack of advance. Returner falls forward to FSU43.
PSUPSU430:524th and 8punt/40OB7-13
Punt (+) to FSU 3. Out of bounds.
PSUKO/59end of half14-13
Kick to the 6. Zemaitis takes a correct angle and forces him to the outside and OB. No bad grades because of end of half.
PSUPSU1114:024th and 19punt/48DOWN14-13
Punt to the FSU48, bounces to the FSU41. No, the ball didn't touch the FSU defender, not that it mattered as FSU would've recovered anyway. Downed by PSU. Good job by Johnson (+), Kilmer (+) blowing by their blockers (finally).
PSUPSU1510:404th and 3punt/451014-13
Punt to the FSU40. Gunners are blocked and stumble. Lee (+) makes a good open field tackle at the 50.
PSUPSU197:014th and 4punt/432214-13
Punt to FSU38. Gunner misses the initial hit, and T. Shaw (-) takes a poor angle. Hahn might get a minus here except there might be a block in the back on him. Poz, Kilmer make tackle at PSU40.
PSUPSU43:384th and 7punt/38-1014-13
Punt to the PSU39, bounces to the PSU42. T. Shaw (-) slips trying to correct a bad angle. Block in the back (called) prevents Hahn from making the tackle.
PSUFSU460:044th and 6punt/39DOWN14-13
Nice punt (+) to the FSU7. Downed by PSU.

That Lowry guy

Sigh. What to write. Lowry had been bad as a punt returner all year, and we know that. Thankfully, I can say convincingly that a lot of the problems in this game with returns were due to shockingly bad decisions by Lowry. And to Lowry's defense, I have to say that FSU's punting was incredibly erratic, making gauging distances difficult. But lining up at the 10 when the offense is on the PSU34 is just silly, and when the blocking actually worked, Lowry cut the wrong direction. I don't know if where Lowry needs to line up is his own choice, or the coach's. If it's the coach's, then we need a special teams coach. Badly.

King showed very good running on the free kick return. I can't fault Kinlaw, as his only return chances were thwarted by crappy blocking. Still, King also didn't have wonderful blocking on his only return, and he showed a bit more dexterity in dodging tacklers. King should get a shot as a punt returner - the only concern there is catching the ball, though.

We still really need a special teams coach, though. Giving up on staying with the gunner is completely unforgivable - on one play, if they had stayed with him just five more yards, it's conceivable he wouldn't've been able to down the ball at the 1.

Coverage teams

Crap. I have to talk about these? Shoot. This is the harder part. Kilmer was a special teams maven all season, and did a great job as a gunner bringing down the returner. Uh. Not so much today. Which is unfortunate, as he's leaving, and the rest of the coverage group doesn't appear to be that good. Shaw took a poor angle twice, which gave up a 22 yard return, and would've given up another long one if the refs hadn't seen Hahn's block in the back.

Was Kilmer struggling because he was being used so much on offense? That'd make sense to me, but I really hope Penn State can find a gunner who won't be forced out so easily next year. Norwood/Johnson were both pretty much completely ineffective, either being blocked away from the play, choosing the wrong guy, or whiffing completely on the initial hit.

The punt return for a TD was a disaster, as you can see above. There was no initial block in the back to the gunner (can't read number) who took the wrong angle. But it does look like Hahn was blocked in the back, and fell into Lee, which freed up the defender to take out Smith. That kinda cleared things up for the punt returner.


Scirotto: -2
Lowry: -4?!
Darling: -1
Kilmer: 0
Hahn: 2
Hall: 0
Smith: -2
Norwood: -1
Lee: 0
Kapinos: -1
Johnson: 1
Shaw: -2


Okay, so Kelly can't kick under pressure yet. Got it. Comprende. Message received. Again. Kickoff length was fine. Kapinos's punts were in the mid-40s all day, but the gunners can't handle that much length. He's got to learn to adjust to them better. Anything over high 30s, low 40s gave the gunners trouble.

Offense up maybe tomorrow, maybe not till next week. Defense up after that. Sorry to keep everyone waiting. I do promise that there'll be some useful information about next year's roster there.